Saturday, May 20, 2023

Belfast Organization for Artists Update and History

BOFA has a new logo and is now partnering with the Belvidere Cornerstone, Arts Services Inc. - ASI, and other local creators and organizations to continue the Allegany Arts Association Mission to provide Allegany Arts services and expand equitable access to the arts as AAA closes after forty years of providing service to Allegany County residents.


A charitable project of SheilaLynnK Art Studio, B.O.F.A. was founded in loving memory of artist, writer, poet, musician, Amanda Nicole Curcio. Established to promote creative unity in the Belfast, NY area, BOFA has been active since 2009 and honored to amplify the work of local creators in our annual art exhibit and at SWAN Days Allegany County, NY (2014-2020).
Find out more about SWAN Days Here

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Through independent efforts and in collaboration with Belfast groups and clubs we want to: assist artisans to create work and make it available to the public, provide area artisans with links to information and resources, exchange ideas and skills knowledge with area artisans, create new opportunities to show work in the Belfast Area, provide publicity, collaborate with Allegany County Arts organizations, represent Belfast at the County Level, provide enrichment and service opportunities to community members.
This volunteer organization is funded by the private contributions of its founding members, affordable membership fees, and anonymous donations. All funds received are directly applied to the cost of materials, marketing, and local creative projects and events.
*$6.00 of every purchase you make from my website and
my collection at V I D A*,
helps to fund the Belfast Organization for ArtistsThe Art For Arachnoiditis Project, and my work to provide equitable access to local creative things in Allegany County, NY and elsewhere.


Visits are available by appointment. Studio activities have resumed at local host sites in compliance with current covid prevention guidelines.

My website still supports my portfolio and other PreCovid19 Projects.
Contact the studio if you have any questions about items on the site.

The most current studio content can be found here on Patreon.
Though subscribing patrons receive the most art, there is an abundant amount of FREE content posted in the  public activity feed.
Thank you for your patience during these strange days.
Be safe. Be well. Many blessings to you and yours!

Other ways to support BOFA that are not affiliated with Patreon 

Direct Support for Belfast Organization For Artists
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BOFA Level C $45
100% of your support will benefit the Belfast Organization for Artists
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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Free Art For Youth; Allegany County Summer Programs


As The Allegany Arts Association closes, we are happy to announce that Angelica Free Library and members of the community are stepping in to continue the AAA mission to provide free accessible arts services and activities to the local residents of Allegany County.

New BOFA Logo will be showing up in new places 


Monday, April 3, 2023

Allegany Arts Association Spring 2023


The Allegany Arts Association Spring 2023 Art News is now available on the AAA website here.

Many thanks to the editor, Kathryn Ross, for her dedication in getting this information out to AAA's subscribing members.
Over the last few months the AAA has been slowly shifting responsibilities to the Belfast Organization for Artists where local art activities and classes will still be available to all residents of Allegany County, NY.


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

UFO Days Resume March 2023


UFO Days ~ 1-4pm every 5th Thursday
Bring your unfinished projects, your own supplies, and socialize while you work. This is free and open to local creators at the Belfast Town Hall. 

No registration required. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Free2Create Workshop for Teens



Free2Create Workshop for ages 12 to 14
Session One December 17, 2022
Limited seats available.
A Collaborative Project of
The Belfast Organization For Artists
Rise Above Holistic Wellness Center
2023 Art Activities for other age groups TBA 

Arts Access Passholders Welcome 
Arts Access Passholders may contact ASI to 
request assistance with transportation to this event. 
People under 18 years old must be 
accompanied by an adult when 
receiving these transportation services. 

This FREE workshop is made possible by patrons like you
Thank you! 

In case you missed the post about these "Angels Among Us" ornaments, 
here is the link 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Christmas Trees in the Belfast Park


Kathy Garrison adding paper ornaments
The Belfast Organization for Artists has been participating in the annual Belfast Lions Club Trees in the Park since 2012. 

Every year members work together to create a unique theme and wire the ornaments to the outside tree. 

The BOFA theme this year is "Angels Among Us" 

The tree lighting ceremony is planned for Dec. 4th. 

Participating members, Sharon, Elaine, Barb, Cecy, Kathy, and Sheila colored approximately 86 paper ornaments for use on the BOFA tree and for donation to the Belfast Historical Society and the Belfast Library for their respective trees. Larry and Kathy collaborated on the tree topper to create a method for the ten foot ribbons to stream and flow down the sides of the tree. 

BOFA members are also collaborating with the Belfast Historical society to do a seasonal, Family Christmas theme for their storefront window. Families have contributed copies of original holiday family photos. 

More to come in 2023 

Kathy Garrison, the BOFA events coordinator, is also working on plans for the UFO Days schedule in 2023. Pending confirmation from the Town Hall, these activities will take place 3/30/2023, 6/29/2023, 8/31/2023, and 11/30/2023. The official Unfinished Objects Days schedule will be posted when we have more information. 

BOFA members are also collaborating with the Belfast Historical Society planning committee to include local art and creators in the 2024 Bicentennial Celebrations. 

Saturday, November 12, 2022

"Angels Among Us" ~ Coloring Page Ornaments


Art Every Day Month Days 8 to 12 

I've been working on ornaments for BOFA. On Day 10, I also met with Arts Service Initiative of Western, NY as we work to bring the Arts Access Pass Program to Allegany County. This easy program provides local residents receiving income-based state assistance with free admission and transportation to arts activities. Eligibility and registration information can be found here.


(Shown above) Donated to the Belfast, NY Community

by the Belfast Organization for Artists (BOFA). 

BOFA members will be coloring some of these ornaments

to hang on their annual tree in the Belfast Park Circle.

Tree lighting is December 4, 2022.

An easy to print pdf of all twelve ornaments is attached on Patreon here for your personal use. 

For best results, use colored pencil for these pages. 


Local patrons may also obtain prints of any of these twelve ornaments to color for themselves or friends and family at the Belfast Public Library during regular library hours.

It's been a very busy week full of creative Things! 

Patrons make it possible for me to create and share Little Things like this. 

Thanks so much for holding this space!

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